Sunday, March 28, 2010


Tomorrow I'll be traveling, not my preferred way of spending time. There is many a place where I'd like to be. Campobello Island, to see where the prince of Hyde Park was struck down by polio in the summer of 1921. The countryside north of Florence, Italy. The temples of Kyoto, Japan. Yosemite. At these and at a handful of other places I'd ike to BE, but there's no place I want to GO, but go I shall, early, early tomorrow morning to visit with a bigshot, who's made a great deal of money talking to gatherings, gaggles, and multitudes of people to whom he sells his books and materials full of advice on how one might do as he has done, that being marketing. I shall ask his advice and why? Because it is very much one thing to research, write, design, draw, and paint a book, then talk with and to people about said book (public speaking: oh baybee, what fun that is!) Making a living is entirely another so I'm junketing off and away to ask questions of someone who knows what I don't, who's actively done what I never much wanted to do: marketing. Going about, letting people know how swell I am? that I exist? that I have written and drawn and painted? yikes. But an artist must. An author must or else... Or else no one will know I was here, that I ever did anything of consequence and if folks don't know they'll not buy my - books? Books on actual paper? Yup, I've written many of those and about the practice, the art of books people have asked my advice. Everybody needs it from time to time. No sense being stiff-necked or pouty about it. We all have much to learn (even the bigshot), much to share (even me).
Still, when it comes to advice, 'tis more blessed to give it than to be on the other end of the equation. So I'm going to go and get some advice. I need it.
Oh well, shoot. Who doesn't?

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