Sunday, August 29, 2010


August 19th? It's been ten days since I've written anything here? Nothing about the anniversary of all that bloody Spartan hoohah at Thermopylae [20 Aug, 480BC]? Nothing about long-dead Aubrey Beardsley's,[ brilliant twisted master of pen & ink], 128th birthday on the 21st? Nothing about - oooh cool: did you know that the 23rd was the anniversary of the day that Wm. Wallace [we're talking Braveheart] got drawn & quartered in 1305? And what kind of a sick, vicious boogernose-nightmare thought of doing THAT to a fellow human being, I mean REALLY. Quantrill's riders burning & pillaging Lawrence, KS, in the summer of 1863? And how that awful day was provoked by years of mayhem inflicted on Missourians - I mean, check out what happened to the folks of Osceola in Sept. 1861 - in those horrifying times? Nothing about Laura Ingalls and Almanzo Wilder's 125th wedding anniversary? on the 25th, the anniversary of the big Pompeii Deathday, A.D. 79? And, you know, it was two days+ 1,804 years later, Aug. 27, 1883, that Krakatoa erupted. And anyway, today would make 39 years I'd have been married to my first husband if I'd actually STAYED w/ my 1st husband. one of us would have been celebrating the day in either prison or the loony bin. But the MAIN thing is that the lovely and glorious Ingrid Bergman came into the world on this day in history. 1915 to be exact. The Great War was - oh, don't get me started....

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  1. oh for heaven's sake. you'll have wanted to know that the 27th was Lyndon Johnson's birthday, right? and my friend Suzanne's? oh well