Monday, August 2, 2010

So, eight weeks + one day of my life overlapped that of John Sloan, a painter whose work I admire a lot. He turned 80, I just now discovered, on August 2, 1951. Only had a few more weeks to live. Years and years ago I had to remember, for a test, that he was one of a group of eight painters - the Ashcan School. folks called them. 'Urban genre' paintings. Ah well. This isn't "Art Apprish" class ... I just sure like how he painted, John Sloan, birthday dude. There was this one, of young women standing on the roof of their apartment building , drying their hair in the wind, in the golden [yellow ochre, raw siena...] light of a long gone summer day not unlike today - not as warm, I can only hope....

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