Sunday, October 31, 2010

"Beauty is truth, truth beauty,' that is all ye know on earth, and all ye need to know." John Keats (1795~1821)
"Ours is a circle of friendships united by ideals."
Juliette Low, good scout (1860~1927)
"It has been an ache and a joy both to look over this big shoulder of mine at all my yesterdays." the great Ethel Waters (1896~1977)

Oh now, happy deathday (1926, the year before the lone Lindy flew the Atlantic), great Harry Houdini.
How did Erich Weiss of Hungary come up with his stage name? Do acquaint yourself with the French magician, Robert Houdin (December 7, [b. on Pear Harbor day, did he but know it] 1805 – June 13,1871)
And, jfytk [just for you to know], 13 years before Houdini was sucker-punched into the next world, the first transcontinental motor way was dedicated on Halloween, 1913. 3,389 miles from NYC to San Francisco.... now that's a trip I'd like to take, Mr. Peabody.
And, and, and, happy birthday John Keats, Juliette Low, who was born in Savannah, GA, at a most inconvenient time, and Ethel Waters, ever so much more to her story than the old lady I remember, singing for Billy Graham's Crusades....

Off I go to lay in a supply of candy for the scary little beggars, bless 'em.

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