Friday, November 26, 2010

So, those of you who know me and my books know that my first historical book had to do with those long gone seafaring pioneers who came over on the Mayflower. (if you clicked on the Mayflower link, you'll come to Caleb Johnson's far out website, well worth a look.)It may well be that many an American dinner table and elementary school bulletin board was graced with images of white capped ladies and gents with buckled hats. Oh yes, and a few of their neighbors decked with feathers. Perhaps a turkey, its outlines helped along by drawing around one's hand. I happened to do the book Three Young Pilgrims because earlier, I'd done a book jacket painting for a new paperback edition of Patricia Clapp's splendid historical novel, Constance, about colonist Constance Hopkins Snow. (1606-1677) In reading it I was so taken with the colonists' courage. It led me to doing a book, a picture book of my own, one of my all time favorites and in all the book, my favorite spread is that of a cutaway of the vessel, loaded with little labels. If you know my books, you know how I adore little labels. Just for you to know, the title refers to the three young children of Isaac and Mary Allerton. I hope that somewhere off in the Blue Beyond the colonists know we remember them.

Oh, and by the way, in was on this day in 1912 that Eric Sevareid was born, much admired by me and looked forward to, whenever his commentaries were featured on Walter Cronkite's Evening News, back in the day.

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