Friday, January 28, 2011

" are go with throttle up."
CAPCOM Richard Covey, Space Shuttle Challenger 28 Jan. 1986

"Exploration is the sport of the scientist."
Inventor, physicist, balloonist, Auguste Piccard, born on the 28th of
January 1884, on, completely by the way, the 11th birthday of Sidonie-Gabrielle Colette, future author

A most fitting quotation for such a grim anniversary, no? So it was, 25 years ago today, that I happened to be at the post office in Colorado Springs, mailing off my twice-rejected, much-labored-over picture book dummy for The Wind in the Village of Finn, sending it off to an ed. @ Henry Holt. [Years later it'd actually be published, a story I wrote, the very first time = large thrill.] Came home to see the news footage, all those shocked, upturned faces, staring at the explosion in the sky.

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