Saturday, May 7, 2011


SO, yes, today would have been Elaine Harness's 83rd birthday if she hadn't gotten her ticket punched back in the autumn of 1992 and glad for her I am, bless her heart, that she was able to pass away when she did. In the many years after this picture was taken, she had six more children, gained SO much weight, and got terribly, terribly sad. Life wasn't all she hoped it would be when she went to some California photo studio with little me. Some 13 years later she would tell me 'don't be like me.' Okay Mom, I pretty much ran with that little piece of advice.
How pleased and proud she always was, by the way, that she shared a birthday with the great and marvelous actor, Gary Cooper, who, had he not passed away way too soon in the spring of 1961, would be celebrating his 100th BIRTHDAY this very day. As for me, today makes 59 days before I turn 60, 59 more days in which I intend to make it my business to better observe poor Mom's sad, soft, thick, trapped, checked-out example as life has a way of catching up with a person if you're not careful, when you're not paying attention.


  1. When I think of mom, I think of the things that would have delighted her, no longer here to see, not the multitude of things that would've plagued her. On the whole, better off away from here, love you mom.

  2. yes indeed, well noted. she would have loved hearing about Zachary going to his senior prom and getting to hold your granddaughter. and seeing the spring flowers. I love this time of year - except it's turned so danged hot - when the spirea bloom