Sunday, November 27, 2011

Everyday Deathday/Birthday

‎"I never am really satisfied that I understand anything; because, understand it well as I may, my comprehension can only be an infinitesimal fraction of all I want to understand about the many connections & relations which occur to me, how the matter in question was first thought of or arrived at, etc., etc."
Mathematician Ada Lovelace, who d. 27 Nov 1852

So, I'd write more, wax on, elaborate upon the life, extraordinary times and works of this remarkable lady, but there is much to be done before I set off driving to Waynesville, MO tomorrow morning, some 200 miles from here, to talk to classrooms full of children there [the BEST part of my job].
If you're reading this maybe I'm amazed AND I direct you to this link re: Ada Lovelace Day.
What's more, I point out to you that today marks n Ada's deathday AND the anniversary of the birth, in 1834, of the exceedingly beautiful British actress, diarist, and influential abolitionist, once she got an eyeful of life on her husband's Georgia plantation.
"I have sometimes been haunted with the idea that it was an imperative duty, knowing what I know, and having seen what I have seen, to do all that lies in my power to show the dangers and the evils of this frightful institution."

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