Thursday, May 10, 2012

Ten Days in May

So, I meant to write something on the first of May about Beltane, about May Day, about May Poles & ribbons, small posie-baskets suspended on one's neighbors' doorknobs.

I meant to - no, I wanted to, but changed my mind about saying something on the second of May, it being the birthday of a man I loved back when Gerald Ford was in office. Don't remember too much about him, but 2 May was his birthday. I do know some things about Gerald Ford.

I might have written something the next day about Bing Crosby and his caramel baritone, about Pete Seeger, his impassioned tenor, & his battered banjo, as these two VERY different balladeers both came into the world through the door marked 3rd of May.

4th of May: Tiananmen Square.  Had I begun to write about what happened there in 1989, again I'd have changed my mind because once I'd looked it up, I'd have been reminded that the massacre took place on the 4th of JUNE. But it's fitting to remember it anyway & always, especially in light of what's been going on for MONTHS in Syria.  Sheesh.  I was busy May 4 driving down to Joplin, where I did a freebie presentation for some kids & teachers, whose school got blasted into splinters by the tornado. And I had lunch at an old-timey restaurant on Route 66: Gooch Bros. Grill.  Hamburger. Iced tea. A slice of the best chocolate pie ever.

I didn't get around to writing on the 5th of May either. Cinco de Mayo. Drove down to Lamar, MO, to do a bit of a presentation at Harry Truman's birthplace. Signed THREE copies of my Harry Book, met some awfully nice people, and drove home again.

6th of May: I was too busy doing dwgs for a new story I've written. If it gets accepted for publication, oh baybee, I just don't even know WHAT I'll do. 7th of May: Same thing, but I did take a break and visit the boneyard where my poor mom is buried. 'twas her birthday. would've been 84 and I'm so happy for her, that she doesn't have to sit around being 84, feeling 20 years lousier than she did at 64.
8th & 9th of May: Honestly, these have been happy, productive days. Been walking every day before getting down to work, but it sounds boring, doesn't it? What did you do today? Draw. What did you do yesterday? Draw.  Listen to books while I draw.  Sounds boring but it isn't.
Today? I got 3 big paintings framed, took 'em to a gallery up on the Square and they're going to be EXHIBITED. Came back home. Back to the dwg board. and Tomorrow?  I am actually, totally giving a talk, doing a presentation at the elementary school around the corner where I was once a shy, doofy 5th grader.           I'll let you know sooner or later how it goes!

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  1. Saw Gerald R. Ford when he came to independence to dedicate the Harry S Truman statue on the square, nothing like the level of security you get these days when a president is in town, and if Harry could've commented on a Republican dedicating his statue, my.