Friday, May 18, 2012

What's been happening? Well, since you ask:

1. I rocked the kids at Bryant Elementary School around the corner. We had almost too much serious fun.
That school is named after Professor Geo. Bryant, who used to run Woodland College, which once set upon this block, back in, as they say, the day.

2. I drove over to Olathe, KS (formerly known as the Free State) and did a couple of assemblies at Scarborough E. S. Drew a big scribbly picture of President Lincoln - something I almost always do. I'm getting pretty good at Mr. Lincoln, who had a wonderful face. He probably didn't think so.
       It is rather weird, standing up, talking, joking, projecting to a roomful of students then driving home to this rather solitary life.

3. I found out that my book about Dr. Mary Edwards Walker, valiant dress reformer, physician, prisoner of war, & ONLY female recipient of the Congressional Medal of Honor; is going to be published by Albert Whitman & Co. next March. Yippee!

4. I ventured into Pinterest.  A delightful time-sucker that is.

5.  Whilst listening to Run by Ann Patchett + a few other recorded books,  I completed ALL of the rough dwgs for a new picture book about the history of flags, our S-S'd Banner in particular + the Am. Rev., for which I have great hopes.  Now I get to make the copies, trim 'em, & tape 'em together into a dummy. I LOVE that part of the job.

6. I started reading Death Comes to Pemberly by the great P.D. James.

7. And my columbine bloomed.

8. Company's coming then I'm driving, driving, driving to Ohio for the last school visit of the year. Golly.

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