Tuesday, November 20, 2012

So, what's been happening?
I went to see the movie about Mr. Lincoln. Loved it. Loved the performances. Loved the costumes. Loved the history. Loved it. Felt guilty, like a disappointed voyeur, being denied Ford's Theatre at the end.

Took a lot of time writing a blogpost. 

Lost my temper before I even got into the movie theater. Got over it.

Went up to the graveyard to clean off the headstones over my folks. My little brother, who had the loveliest, liquid brown eyes, framed with the longest lashes. Marveled how it is that twenty years have passed since poor Mom got her ticket punched. Is she deader now than she was two decades ago, I wonder? Higher up, further into the Kingdom of Heaven?

Drove over to KC way too early in the morning along the way I used to drive over to Hallmark so many years ago, but now it was to talk to a group of Missouri teachers about historical literacy & nonfiction books. Talked with the young lady working at the pay parking lot. Same job I used to have even more years ago.

Updated my website.  Fussed with the portfolio page.

Worked on finding weird historical factoids. Did you know that Hannibal of ancient Carthage used to snake-bomb his enemies w/ clay pots full of poisonous snakes? That the youngest combat of WWII was 12-year-old Calvin Graham of Houston, TX? Okay, not weird, but very cool.

Read a delightful book, Miss Pettigrew Lives For a Day.  Again.

Did a drawing for a friend. Mailed it.

And, oh my goodness,
Robert F. Kennedy would have 87 today.

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