Thursday, November 15, 2012

the satisfaction of the actual satis factual

So, why are true books called nonfiction? because 'faction' was taken?
and why isn't fiction called nonfactual?
Anyway, if you're reading this, bless your heart - and head, for that matter...
Below are a few links well worth the checking out and why do I think so and particularly now? Because very early tomorrow morning I'm off to Kansas City to talk to a roomful of educators, who likely get up very early every single danged day, about nonfiction books for young readers.  Some of those I've done. A lot of others I like a lot, for their beauty, for the author's way w/ words, for a new window into lost worlds. all of the above...

•  nonfiction authors resource:

•   David McCullough on 5 lessons every high school student should learn:

•   Greg Timmons' terrific blogpost on interact: Teacher's Center
       Historical Literacy and Active Learning:

• Anne Goudvis's and Stephanie Harvey's brilliant essay, Teaching for Historical Literacy:

• Barbara Kerley's snappy, informative post re: the Common Core:

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