Friday, January 11, 2013


Here I am w/ one of the three historical markers that the Nat'l Park Service installed last summer in the park across from the Truman Presidential Library.

I just found out that one of the markers got tagged - sullied. spray-painted. dissed and defaced by one of the neighborhood's many nitwits, of whom, I suppose, we should all be proud because he [I assume it's a 'he'  sexist, I know] managed, whilst holding a spray can to get his knuckles high enough off the pavement to write ugly words - "fuck you" to be exact -  on a panel featuring a painting of mine. and more importantly, the history of this person's town. Why would he do that? 
  Maybe because - oh, i know - yeah: here're my 

10. Like I give a shit about history:. stiffs riding horses, writing w/ feathers, permanent power outage.  

9. Much less w/ lame, tedious crap about the Oregon Trail.

8. Because what? - Do people think he's some sherry-sipping asshole who sits around watching Masterpiece Theatre?

7. Or American Experience, for crying out loud?

6.What did this society ever do for me?

5. Trying to impress buddies.

4. Trying to impress a girl w/ whom he hopes to have unprotected sex [Like, really? wrecking, figuratively poking a thumb in the eye of The Man is going to get him laid?]

3. Uh - yeah

2. And - as a bonus - offending the very sort of people who see him as nothing more than some lame-ass paint-can puke.

1. Who would likely think: "Why am I going to get my panties in a wad about outraged old ladies who're satisfied to sum him up as a lame-ass paintcan puke..It isn't as if anyone around here will give a shit about what I do or say unless I paint it on something they DO care about."


  1. I think you are way over-thinking this. If asked "Why?" I'll bet the perpetrator would simply shrug his/her shoulders and mumble, "Idunno" and mean it. Most bone-headed acts kids do, (and, sorry kids, but it was most likely a kid, right?) there is no reason for.

  2. yup. I'm betting you're too right about that, Gayle. I vote for Angry Impulse. sigh...

  3. It's so senseless. I don't blame you for fuming and I applaud you for writing about it...if for no other reason than to remind readers that vandalism is a big deal...especially to the person whose work is defaced. Whenever I see this sort of nonsense I get angry at the faceless tools who justify their irreverence with a wink and a shrug. Every cemetery I visit in my research seems to have been similarly mistreated. Some people just suck. I'm sorry this happened to your lovely work, Cheryl.