Friday, May 7, 2010

The Coop

So, where've I been anyway, not having blogged here the past couple of days? Off gallivanting all over the place, down to Warrensburg, roundabout where my ancestors used to live, and to Jefferson City, where young couples in prom finery were having their pictures taken by Karl Bitter's handsome sculpture of the Louisiana Purchase. [I'd never seen this before
Off to Lexington to do a presentation at River Reader, a completely wonderful little book store Mimi (my black & white pooch) and I walked about the field there, where once soldiers fought.
But now, praise all that's holy, I'm home and today would have been my mom's birthday. Thank heavens Alberta Elaine Wolfe Harness passed away when she did, because she was really puny at the time and would have been a pitiful, 82-year-old shipwreck now. Proud and happy she always was, by the way, that she shared a birthday with the total dreamboat of all time: Gary Cooper, born this day in 1901. I sure hope that they have made one another's acquaintance off in the Blue Beyond.

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