Sunday, May 23, 2010

A Pair of Adventurous Souls

So, an adventurous soul : That would be Margaret Fuller, born this day 200 years ago. I know this because I clicked into Rob Velella's splendid American Literary Blog. Pay it a visit and you'll be well-rewarded, if only by learning more about today's Birthday Woman.
I would not consider myself to be an adventurous soul, but I've written about a few. One of them, Geo. Washington Carver began his adventuring in an ill-favored fashion [to enslaved parents living in a time of war] not so far from today's destination: Joplin, MO. Before I head down the road I'm going to dip into my encyclopedia and see what is written there about Miss Fuller. I'll visit this swellegant site, too: I intend to ponder Miss. F. & Mr. GWC as I aim my hoopie down the highway. Good people to think about, good people waiting for me at the end of today's road. I call that a fine adventure.

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