Sunday, August 26, 2012

August 26, 1920

  "I never doubted 
that equal rights was the right direction.
Most reforms, most problems are
complicated. But to me there is nothing
complicated about ordinary equality."

Alice Paul, one of a century-spanning army of suffrage activists, who knocked themselves out trying to pry the
vote out of men's tight fists.

      I promise I'll remember you when this long, expensive, blathering BS-ification of a campaign finally ends in November. I'll think of you all when I go to the polls and cast my ballot.

     Now, what knocks me out is the fact that the glorious,
dreamed of day in a sometime future, the day when female citizens of the republic would be allowed full civil rights,
is now 92 years back in the quaint-looking, Masterpiece 
Theatre-looking past.  

       Thank you, Mrs. Stanton. Thank you, Aunt Susan

Thank you all.

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