Sunday, August 19, 2012

"The cow is of the bovine ilk

one end is moo, the other milk." 

Ogden Nash, b. on the 19th of August, 1902, 

when bumptious, earnest, energetic 

Theodore Roosevelt was the President of the United


Mr. Nash is maybe my favorite poet.

When it comes to poems, I'm

fond of those that rhyme.

He shares a birthday w/ Orville Wright (1871)

 & Bill Clinton (1946).

And allow me to point out that, were it not for 

Wikipedia, I might not have known, nor be able to 

share w/ the one or two individuals who will see 

what I'm typing here,  that on this day in 1848,

readers of the New York Herald, saw that gold was

discovered in California way back at the end of 


     And surprise lilies are popping up hereabouts. They 

mean that summer is ending. 

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  1. I love Ogden Nash too. He was my dad's fave poet as well