Sunday, April 18, 2010

The 18th

So sure, it's the anniversary night of Paul Revere's [& Wm Dawes'] Big Night in the spring of 1775, when that silversmithing son of liberty rowed 'cross the Chas. River to go chasing out & about the landscape, letting the neighbors know that 'the regulars,' i.e. the British troops, were out, on the move, coming by sea... 'Listen my children and you shall hear' that you can find some nifty info about it all at this site:   And too, today marks 104 years since the primal forces of disaster shook up, shattered, & burned San Francisco.   I have to think how thankful I am for this lovely, halfway normal day here in the Ozarks, in this impossibly confusing lake resort full of school librarians from all over Missouri.  [ ] No troops on the march. No tectonic mayhem down below the floor, below the earth - at least I hope not.

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