Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Heaven's Door

So, the big wheel in the sky has come around, lining up once again with the slot marked April 20th. In through that door, 121 years ago, in the old empire of Austria-Hungary, baby Adolf Hitler was born. Ninety years ago, John Paul Stevens, Supreme Court Justice. So much for astrology, I say. Today turned out to be the deathday of a stubborn and gracious lady, Dorothy Irene Height. She spent many of her 98 years on earth campaigning and working for equality and fairness for African Americans, particularly women. When she was born, the great ship Titanic had yet to sail, Theodore Roosevelt was gearing up for another run at the Presidency, and the First World War was an impossible dream in an unimaginable future. And black folks were burdened down, put upon, even terrorized by their neighbors and the Jim Crow system. Congratulations, Miss Height, on your very first day in Heaven. A halo now? Rather than one of those glorious hats you wore here, among the living? I would reckon so.

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  1. I just heard about her on NPR, and was immediately interested. Sounds like a book for you girl. She's waiting for you to tell her story.
    BTW, I took my George Washington book of yours to school (the one from KRA) and showed it to a couple of teachers. The day wasn't out when a second grader came knocking. It appears he has a fascination with Washington and wanted to "read" your book. (He's one of my struggling readers.) When he brought it back, he spent to whole time showing me the spread of Wash. crossing the Del. (Got to love those 7 yr. olds.)