Monday, April 12, 2010

It's D.E.A.R. Day, M'dears

"Come, shut the door! And when thou hast done so, come weep with me!" Me, paraphrasing Wm. Shakespeare by way of Juliet Capulet, whose life would have been a helluva lot more tragic had she had to fool with computers. I'm just saying, as I retype this blog entry for today as the earlier effort got deleted somehow.

So, sure, it's FDR's deathday - what a remarkable life! The book I did about him & ER [Franklin & Eleanor, Dutton. out of print now, the world being rotten.] Check out this site for a bit of FDR bio:– the 149th anniversary of the big shots @ Ft. Sumter, SC [It's said that the Civil War began there, but it really began about 5 years earlier out here in western Missouri.] - & my Aunt Dee's birthday – I lack the will/skills/hardware/time to post her picture here, but trust me when I say that long-gone Dorothy Wolfe Holloway was a delicate red-haired beauty. – but today also marks the beginning of National Library Week. It, in turn, begins with today: Nat'l D.E.A.R. Day : Drop Everything And Read!

that's just what I'm going to go do. Go thou & do likewise. You won't be sorry!

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  1. okay. I don't EVEN know why this post looks like this, and, in any case, I'm just about past caring. Does anyone even read this? Is anybody out there? Anybody?