Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Coeur de Lion

So, according to my trusty World Book, Henry & Eleanor's boy, Richard the Lion-Heart [splendid nickname - what would mine be, I wonder? 'Possom Heart] was born in Oxford on this day in history. Were he alive today, old Richard I, King of England, he'd be far too, too decrepit, I'd imagine, to enjoy the light made by the 853 candles on his cake. My battered Timelines of History notes that Jews were massacred at his coronation in 1189. Really? How utterly horrid. May their souls be blessed & comforted. According to the W.B. by the way, the Lion-Heart beat its last, during the siege of a French castle.

Sheesh, what a species we are.
On a blessedly different note, it was on a long, hot 8th of September 16 years ago that I drove my white Escort from Colorado Springs to Independence, to my new/old home where I lived when I was in high school. 'Cruddy Dump,' - that's what Mom called it when we first moved there in the summer of '68... Anyway, a 12-hour drive 'cross Kansas with beautiful Irene the cat [dazed, tranquilized, yowling 600 miles], my Scottie dog, Maudie; and 2 hound dogs, Ruby & Rosepie, the Bassett Sisters. They're all gone now, off in the Blue Beyond with all the dead folks and their pets. The sun was a red ball over hot hazy KC when we finally got hereabouts....

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