Thursday, September 2, 2010

Pudding Lane

So, do you care to know that the last queen of Hawaii was born on this day in history? Liliuokalani. 1838, the year that George Sand, a.k.a. Baroness Dudevant, won Chopin's love, the genius's dubious ardor. [Oh, do, if you haven't, see Impromptu, the glorious 1991 film re: their affair].. The soprano Jenny Lind, a.k.a. "Swedish Nightingale," made her debut in Stockholm that year - oh to be able to peer back in time, see the audience that night.....Lamplight on excited faces. Elaborately tied cravats. Satin slippers. Whisper rush & crackle of heavy silk & taffeta. Oh you know that the iron boot heel of the patriarchy was firmly planted on the necks of women & girls then. Ah well, those who had menfolk w/ deep pockets could console themselves by dressing up total doll-baby. The European dress styles were marvelously poofy-foufy. Note the horrid [except for Laurence Olivier as Mr. Darcy] 1940 film version of Pride & Prejudice. Don't even ask why the Bennet ladies were dressed pretty much 1830s. Anachronism & ruffles.
No? Well then let me remind you that today's the anniversary of the surrender [long goddam horrid time coming] of the militarized, god help 'em, Japanese Empire. 1945.
No? Then I'll point out that it was in the wee-est hours of the 2nd of Sept. 1666 when a fire broke out in a bakery in Pudding Lane. The Great Fire of London had begun. Before it was over three days later - oh man, before the conflagration, the fiery hellish business, was over... not a scene I wish even to ponder.

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