Tuesday, September 21, 2010

So, did you know that it was on this day, September 21, this day in history, in 1938, when Herr Hitler was ruining many a life and fixing to invade western Europe, when Jeepers, Creepers was a hit song, when Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings published The Yearling and Daphne du Maurier published Rebecca (one of my favorite novels ever, MUCH, ever so much better than the fine film], that a big whacking hurricane swept through New England and killed as many as 800 people?
Well, now you do.

do check out this blog if you haven't - I hope you will: http://inkrethink.blogspot.com/


  1. History is so interesting! Speaking of which...A belated Happy Constitution Day to you and also, today I celebrate the anniversery of the Emancipation Proclaimation. A truly glorious day in our American history!
    My name is Leslie and I run an elementary school library. I have the fortune of having the colmplete attention of every student in the school once a week for twenty minutes. I love to vary subjects but I love teaching our students about history the most.
    Recently I have been teaching the students about the Constitution, however, there truly is a lack of children's books that discuss the concepts and reasons for the decisions that were made in that document. I believe that there is a major hole in the children's book industry regarding famous documents in American history.
    So...are you up to writing a series of books that kids can really get the idea of our most important documents in American history?
    I believe that your books inform kids not only with factual, witty history but also in a visually compelling way. I feel that these documents are so important for all children to understand and it would be a true service to edcators everywhere, if you would endeavor yourself to this project.
    I believe that you are the PERFECT author/illustrator for this series...What do YOU think?

  2. Hello Ms. Leslie. Thank YOU for your good, hard work, teaching young citizens about their history and thank you for your nice words about my words. I guess the first book that came to my mind, regarding the inception of our government is Jean Frita's Shhh! We're Writing the Constitution! [1997)....and do you know David Catrow's wonderful We the Kids ? I know there are some fine civics books for young readers. As to my take on our Constitution's foundations.... hmmmm. You got me cogitating...