Wednesday, September 29, 2010

I fell asleep last night by the cool light of black & white Greer Garson movies, including Random Harvest. Today's the 106th anniversary of when she was born in the last year of Theo. Roosevelt's 1st term in office. I'm thinking that I was probably ten when I first saw her in a late night movie, 10:15 P.M., right after the late news. Maybe it was Goodbye, Mr. Chips [based on a book by James Hilton, who wrote Lost Horizon, also made into a movie w/ brilliant Ronald Coleman, who plays an amnesiac in R. H., w/its deeply improbable plot ] or Mrs. Miniver. Oh baby, what a wonderful movie that was, but it doesn't pay to see it more than 5 or 6 times. Then you start noticing how lame & class-ridden it is, in places. There's a scene in which Greer's awakened by the sound of aircraft flying overhead. She runs to the window to look, knowing that her son [rather drippily portrayed by a young man w/whom, I learned later on, she was in love, off stage; later they would marry...] , a crisp new RAF flyer, is piloting one of the planes. When I was a kid I thought never had I seen a face so lovely. Now I think how was it that Mrs. Miniver had gone to bed [in a twin bed next to Walter Pigeon/Mr. Miniver's twin bed] w/o removing her mascara & false eyelashes? Still, lovely she was & dead she's been for a few years now. Glad I am for old movies where folks live on, ever young.

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