Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Nat'l Poetry Month No. 6

So, proud I am that THIS poet is a genial gent and a buddy of mine:
David L. Harrison of Springfield, MO.

THIS is the opening poem of PIRATES, one of his many, many fine books. I like it so much I even bought a copy of it and I'd advise you to do the same. (Illustrations by Dan Burr: also excellent.)

Pirate Nest

Times were hard for some men.
They slept in places
roaches would snub,
ate when they were able,
drank what they could.

The waterfront teemed
with men like that,
living life on the bottom rung,
neither giving
nor expecting mercy.

Tomorrow would be
like yesterday –
rotting teeth, rat bites,
odd jobs loading ships,
stealing a coin now and then.

Men like that nursed
their bruises with their beer,
brooded, plotted revenge on life,
decided that dying as a pirate
was better than living


  1. Wow! Cheryl, you are a woman of surprises! What a neat thing to suddenly appear on your fine spot in space. I am flattered! Thank you so much for popping me up here where folks can see and maybe go look up PIRATES. Among your numerous and wonderful talents, friend stands out! Glad to be yours, David

  2. Cheryl, I own Pirates and love it. I have ordered two copies of David's book "Cowboys" that will be released the end of April. He and Dan work together on this book.