Sunday, April 1, 2012

What I'm Wondering III

1. How is it that friends become distanced, not real friends anymore? When we used to talk on the phone by the hour? Sorry to say, it's happened more than once.
2. How is it that my circle of [FB] Friends grows larger as my circle of friends seems to contract? Not a happy thought. Still, it's true that people do fall away with the passing of time and that illustrating books requires many solitary hours.... sigh.
3. What possessed the parents of Sophonsiba Breckenridge, whose birthday is today [1866 - Who was she? according to Wikipedia, she was an 'American activist...reformer, social scientist, & and innovator in higher education" someone well worth knowing about, right?], that they should have named their innocent girlbaby Sophonsiba?
4. How come conservatives consider NPR to be liberal when it is clearly centrist? I mean, if you're at the right, you'd have to move left to get to the middle, but really....? And if you're reading this, doesn't this dividing of Americans into separate camps disturb you? What does it bode for our nation? Nothing very good.
5. How much weirder am I going to get as I get older? I guess I'll find out.
6. All of those kids I entertained the other day at my most recent school visit - what would they think if they saw me in my solitary role at my drawing table?
7. Does Mitt Romney realize, does he understand why his occasional words so upset people? He seems like a good man.
8. What if I planted my yard with solid phlox?
9. How is it that it is April again so soon?
10. What is that Geo Zimmerman - and that young man's parents - thinking about these days? I don't know what happened that night, but do they sleep? What a mercy when they do... I don't know what happened, but what a nightmare.

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