Friday, March 16, 2012

Women's History Month No. 16

"For shame! For shame! You dare to cry out Liberty, when you hold us in places against our will, driving us from place to place as if we were beasts."

[to a U.S. Indian agent] "Hell is full of just such Christians as you are."

Sarah Winnemucca (c. 1844 ~ 1891)

Speaking of Native Americans, as I did in W.H.M. No. 15 and our treatment thereof, allow me to introduce you to this valiant soul. [according to this link, this woman of the Paiute was a scout, an interpreter, educator, a charismatic spokeswoman for her people] When you read about what people have done, for better and for worse, and how they have lived, really, aren't you just knocked out?
Maybe because I'm such a sissypants myself, I'm blown away by people such as this lady, who have spoken out and taken action.

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