Monday, March 19, 2012

Women's History Month No. 19

"Self reliance is the Fine Road to Independence."

Mary Ann Shadd Cary, Oct 9, 1823 ~ June 5, 1893

So, okay, it's shallow of me, I know, considering that this formidable and remarkable soul spent her life here on earth as a writer, an educator, a lawyer, an abolitionist, and a journalist - in fact, she is credited as being North America's FIRST African American newspaperwoman [publisher, in Canada, of the Provincial Freeman], but still, modern TV-child that I am, I so want to picture this dynamic lady smiling. I had the privilege of learning about Ms. Cary when I was working on my book, Rabble Rousers. I swear, that is one of the BEST things about being a nonfiction author: the learning.
According to one of the links here, Mary Ann was known by those who loved her as "the Rebel." Looking into those eyes, I can believe it.
You can, should you happen to be in Washington D.C, walk past her house and ponder the conversations therein, its windows, and those who peered out through the panes back in the day, at a very different world, one that Mary A. S. Cary devoted her life to changing.

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