Saturday, March 31, 2012

Women's History Month No. 31

Do you recognize this lady? You can tell by looking that her's was an earlier era and so it was. She was born on 27 March, 1899. 113 years ago, when Civil War veterans still sat on park benches, nursed old wounds, and thought about how grand, how heartstopping-dreadful it all was. When Theodore Roosevelt had reason to grouse about being buried in the Vice-Presidency. When my long-gone grandma was a leggy six-year-old with her dark curls twisted in a braid.
This lady was quoted as saying, "Fame was thrilling only until it became grueling. Money was fun only until you ran out of things to buy." And famous she was. Rich she was, and sought after. Click HERE and see what all those people out there in the dark saw when they watched flickering images of Gloria Swanson.
Come to think of it, I talked with someone today, someone much younger than I am. Someone who never heard of Sunset Boulevard! But then again, I'll bet there were times when Grandma upset her elders, sent their eyes rolling heavenward, left them feeling old when she confessed she'd never heard of, oh I don't know -
Me neither! until a minute ago anyway..

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