Sunday, March 4, 2012

Women's History Month No. 2

"The thing you've got to watch for is going broke when you're old. Look at all the people that go down and out at the finish."
Pearl White, born on an another 4th of March, in faraway 1889.

For her daring, bruising exploits in silent films - as Pauline, Pearl suffered through many Perils – White was known as the "Stunt Queen." I know. The term has several meanings. Be patient or speed through some whacky goings on and you'll see a shadowy glimpse of her here.
I happened to read about Pearl the other day. Why? Because until I got distracted by an American flag ms., I was working on writing & designing a history of my state - geographically, that is –including mini bios of 101 Missourians, of whom Ms. Pearl is one. If that wikipedia story is anywhere near true, jeez, what a story - I'm thinking of that motherless Pearl going on stage at the age of 6.... of her physical courage & hardheadedness... her going off to Paris., her sad slide into the abyss. .... and far and away more dramatic than that 1947 movie, The Perils of Pauline. Still, Betty Hutton as Pearl White - some fun.

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